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The Coronavirus took the world by storm, it has caused the deaths of millions across the world and is the biggest pandemic yet seen.


Because of this, hand sanitizers and hand washing liquids have become a very essential need in all homes across the world making the hand-sanitizer filling machine hot in the market. 


Hand washing is an important measure in the prevention of Coronavirus


All health organizations, headed by the World Health Organization have made it clear that hand washing is the most effective method in the prevention and spread of the coronavirus or any other respiratory infection.


It is advised that If there is a hand washing inconvenience during travels, an alcohol-based disinfectant or hand sanitizer can be used. 


The COVID-19 virus is not resistant to alkalis or acids but it is sensitive to disinfectants and organic solvents. 


A good quality hand-sanitizer that is made up of at least 75% alcohol will deactivate the virus easily. 


Such hand sanitizers are mass-produced using the sanitizer filling machine

 sanitizer filling machine

The sanitizer filling line is a highly automated line that is easy to operate and highly efficient to use in the production of high-quality hand sanitizers. 


But they must only be purchased from the most reliable manufacturers for long-term usability and cost-effectiveness. 


The sanitizer filling machine is one among the variety of piston filling machines; it is ultra-modern, state-of-the-art filling equipment for handwashing products based on handwashing liquids’ consistency and rather corrosive abilities. 


Major parts of the hand sanitizing machine 


Hand sanitizer filling and packaging are divided into four major parts.

· The filling part:

Here the hand sanitizing bottles are arranged on a tray and filled with a measured and pre-determined quantity of hand sanitizers.


The quantity of hand sanitizer that is to fill the bottles is determined by the size of the hand sanitizer bottle.


The bottle sizes can range from 100ML to as high as 2,000ML. 

The machine is so efficient that it can fill as many as 40 bottle per minute and this translates to about 15000bph. 


· The bottle cap covering part:

After the bottles are been filled, they move along the tray and bottle caps are placed on them manually by a factory worker.


The bottles are simply placed on them and not sealed. From this stage, the bottles move on to the cap twisting part.


· The cap twisting part:

The bottles go through the cap twisting machine so that they can be closed and sealed properly.


· The labelling part:

The bottles then move on to the labelling machine to be labeled and branded according to the hand sanitizer manufacturer.


These four very simple steps characterize the manufacturing process of hand sanitizers. 


Here are some guidelines that should be followed to help you stay safe during this pandemic. 

· Regular hand-washing

Make use of good quality hand sanitizers or soaps to wash your hands under running water.


Only clean towels or disposable paper towels should be used for hand-wiping. 


· Keep excellent respiratory hygiene:

Always cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough with a clean towel or handkerchief.


Ensure you wash your hand if you cough or sneeze, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.


· Keep your environment ventilated and clean:

Windows should be open for no less than 20-30 minutes at least 2/3times a day.


In the case that the quality of outdoor air is poor, ventilation time and frequency should be reduced/adjusted appropriately.


· Improve your immunity and physical fitness:


Moderate exercise, avoidance of fatigue, a well-balanced diet, and an effective work-life balanced must be incorporated into your daily life. 


· Reduce activities in crowded places while paying attention to any symptom:


Try as much as possible not to attend any activities that must occur in crowded places and watch out for any symptoms of respiratory tract infections (e.g. coughs, sneezes, or runny nose), If there are any, seek medical help.


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