Successful Installation For Adeleke University Premium Water

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Recently, we successfully installed and debugged the water filling line for our Nigeria customer-Adeleke university premium water. The machine has worked very well after the debugging .

water filling line

water filling line

water filling line

About our water filling line

Our water filling line is very popular with our customers. Water is a multifaceted product: natural spring water, purified water, carbonated water, flavored water... What process can be used to prevent bromate formation? How to deploy mechanical filling valves to keep water crystal clear and contaminant free? How to achieve the maximum benefit with speed, accuracy and light weight bottles? King Machine, the expert in liquid product filling, will always provide you with the best solution for your products.

Key Features Of Water Line

1.Water filling line can apply to fill natural spring water, purified water, carbonated water, flavored water into PET bottle by changing few spare parts.

2.Water filling line production capacity usual is in 1,000-36,000bph, 0.25-2.5L PET bottles are available.

3.Automatic water filling machine adopts Rinsing / Filling / Capping 3-in-1 technology, PLC control, touch screen, it is majnly made of SUS304/ SUS316.

4.Pivotal electrical parts use Mitsubishi, OMRON, and SIEMENS to water filling production line.

5.The whole productio filling line accuracy is more or less than 1%.

6.We can provide complete beverage ideal solution - blowing. filling. packing for PET bottle.

About us

Our company, King Machine has rich experience over the course of many years, making us the leading expert in the PET plastic packaging industry. Our seasoned, qualified expects have a diverse range of professional skills. We aim for to bring you the best quality services and professionalism. 

We currently provide more than 1000 water filling lines for more than 90 countries and we are continuously expanding. Our company is dedicated to constant research in this fastest, growing market to ensure that both, we and our customers stay ahead in this industry.

King Machine as one of the leading, beverage-packing machine manufacturers has provided quality equipment and amazing service to many of our customers worldwide such as England Glen Affric Brewery,Coca-Cola, India, Kenyan Aquamist, Tanzania Sayona Jambo, Uganda Blue Wave, Venezuela Canaima etc. We strive to ensure the utmost quality in everything we do. 

If you have an inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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