We Are Celebrating The Christmas With Our Workers And Customers

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Celebration! Celebration!! Celebration!!! Christmas is here again, a season of joy and glamour. A stress-free season, a season to relax and reflect on what you have done during the year, a season to count your blessings.


The season to express one's love for family, friends, and colleagues. Christmas is for fun and Merrymaking.  So from water bottling machine management, we are glad it is Xmas period again.


Because this is a period will get to appreciate our beloved customers and staff because without them nothing likes water bottling machine company. These are the special set of people that keeps the company moving.


2020 is amazing and great we must say. The year started with a lot of lay down work plans and orders from different customers all over the world.


Our work started in full force early this year but unfortunately before the end of the first quarter of the year; the world was hit by COVID-19. All aspect of the company was affected. We had to put a stop to our production. All works were put on hold.

 Merry Christmas

Thankfully we are back on our feet. Many companies don't have this wonderful opportunity; many companies have been wiped out of the market as a result of the epidemic. Many of their customers withdrawn their patronage, and this affected them.


From water bottling machine management, we want to appreciate all our customers that orders were delayed during the epidemic. Thank you for your understanding and patient.


We have amazing customers, during the epidemic when the management put calls through to some customers to apologize for the delay in delivering their orders; the responses from some were amazing.


Some of our customers said “No problem, you can take your time, the epidemic is all over and nothing can be done, so we understand" it was amazing.


Because of the love from our customers and cordial relationship, the management of the water bottling machine celebrates the Xmas season with our customers by sending various gift items and greetings. We appreciate our customers for their commitment and patronage.  To those that the gift did not reach, we extend our warm greetings.


We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance.We cannot but also appreciate our staff because, without them, we can’t meet all our customer’s demands. They are talented and proficient people. We appreciate them for their effort always in taking the company to higher grounds.


Water bottling machine management also shared gift items with our staff according to their rank and department, to celebrate with their family. We wish them a refreshing break and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year in advance.


We have built a good reputation globally as the best manufacturers of high-quality water bottling machines and other machines with good quality.


Contact us today to make an inquiry and place your orders.  We promise not to disappoint you as we are here to give the best at a cheaper price.


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