Some Steps Involved In Beer Bottling And Production

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If you plan to establish a small, medium, or large brewery, the selection of the appropriate beer filling machine that will give you the utmost performance is very essential.


The reason being that filling machines with high performances will save time, produce a result, and maximize the needed hygienic condition. However, to get a high-quality beer filling machine, you need to consult a reliable and reputable beverage filling manufacturer.


Also, there are various types of beer filling machine with different performance rate. However, most are loaded with complete three systems which are: the rising system, capping system, and filling system


Furthermore, in the beer filling process, various steps should be followed to obtain end product beverage with good quality. The steps are as follows:


· Depalletizing

Depalletizing is the first stage in the bottling of beer, and it entails removing the bottle from the pallet. Afterward, the bottles will be rinsed with filtered water, oxygen, or air to help in limiting the oxygen level in the bottles. For the next steps, conveyors can be used in bottling lines.


· Filling of Beer in bottles

The filling of beer into bottles is the second stage of the process. It has to do with refilling beer into bottles. However, some machines can accommodate little amounts of bottles while some can contain more. The filling speed also differs.

 beer filling machine

· Capping

Another process in the bottling of beer is the capping stage. In this stage, the previously filled bottles are capped and sealed through the capping machine.


The method involved is determined by the type of filler. When the filler possesses a high level of speed and a large number of bottle capacity, then the capping system will have the same potential. Nevertheless, some beer fillers seal with a cork while others can feel with a bottle cage.


· Labeling

This part is the last stage in the beer bottling process. In the labeling section, the sealed bottles of beer are passed through the labeling machine, known as the labeler.


In this stage, special attention is required because manufacturing and expiring dates are included. And has been a requirement for every manufacturer following the standard of the state or health organization. The reason for this is to protect the citizens or customers from taking expired items.


Afterward, the labeled beer bottles are packaged into cartons or crates for transportation to a nearby store, depot, or market where they can finally be distributed to consumers in local and international regions.


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