Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine With Half Tray For Aluminum Cans Automatic PE Film Shrink Wrapping Machine With Half Tray For Aluminum Cans

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  • Product Description

1. Classic shape, beautiful, novel structure, unique, easy operation and maintenance electronic induction film transport, film delivery smooth, film change fast

2. Internationally renowned brands servo motor control system, mechanism of push-bottle controlled by servo system, synchronization of the product and film action. assured

3. Adopting the independent control of the cylinder take suction cardboard grasping mechanism, and the selection of internationally renowned pneumatic components, cardboard failure rate reduced to 0.5%. 

4. Unique open, lengthened side cardboard warehouse design, both for the convenience of cardboard, but also more storage cardboard; not only improve the efficiency of the equipment, but also reduce the labor intensity of workers.

5. Shrink chamber using a unique circular air supply technology to achieve multi-directional air flow control technology, adjustable wind speed, adjustable outlet position, greatly improved shrink effect.

6. Tray folding mechanism with four chain drive chain, changeover of different products and combinations reduced by 30 minutes.

7. newly developed technology applied to the outer opening structure, convenient for maintenance, heat insulation layer thickened, energy conservation effective, temperature control accurate

8.  The whole machine designed with energy-saving technology, saves 30% electricity    consumption, low-carbon and environment-protection under the comparison with the previous generation.

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