High Efficiency Juice Homogenizer High Efficiency Juice Homogenizer

High quality industrial homogenizer is a special equipment of the liquid material thinning and high pressure transportation.This equipment is widely used in the production,scientific research and technical development of a lot of areas,such as:food,dairy food,drink,pharmacy,chemical industry,biological technology and so on.

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  • Model: KMH
  • Brand: KM
  • Product Description

When granules are flowing through the adjustable valve in a high speed, the particle present in mixed fluids with high pressure will be subdivided into the very smallest sizes(Dia=0.01-2um,average<1um) because of high speed impacting, cutting expansion to explosion for pressure decrease etc, this physics process can protect the active quality. Then the stable emulsions are produced. There for, homogenizer has been recognized as the equipment of the dispersion and emulsion in the century.

Pistion    Homogenizing Valve  Low pressure Valve     Sealing


Lubricating System

lubricating system which is both squiting and splash uses soft plastic pipes that can bear high pressure and oil, The oil can keep stable temperature at the same producing condition, so it brings excellent lubricate effect, The recycle cooling system reduces driving box's temperature and lubrication waste.

.Driving Box

The eccentric shaft is made of special alloy steel which is wear-resisting and has long using life. The half construction is easy to maintain and be knocked-down. Driving and eccentric shafts are driven by V-model gears which have following advantages: low noise and good stability

.Wear Parts

Homogenizing valve, One way valve and piston are made of special alloy steel, with high impact-resisting, Abrasion-resisting and corrosion resisting, This material is applicable to any CIP's corresion-resisting.All kinds of sealing material have following advantage: wear-resisting, Non-toxic, pressure-resisting and long lift.

.Pump construction:

The square high pressure covers on the pump have high intensity and excellent sealing function. The tighten nuts with lids have nice out looking, The material gate is according to food sanitation and pharmacy standards, Out in parts take adjustable tie-in which is easy and convenient to be taken off and fixed

.Type: Our homogenizer are all horizontal construction which advantage is good stability and easy to operate, maintain and repair .

.Saving energy

Our homogenizer is based on low energy waste and high efficiency designing which has clear effect at the same producing condition 


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