15,000bph pure water filling line project

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Our water project installation site in Oman and customer’s recognition of the quality of equipment and after-sales service. King machine will always do the best from equipment design, parts inspection, assembly and installation, logistics delivery, debugging service. Every trust from customers is an opportunity for us to prove ourselves. Help our customer to create the biggest profit is our final purpose !If you required High quality and good service filling line ,please choose our king machine ! Of course we also have attractive price as we are big manufacture with batch production technique !

Our Main Products Likes:

1000-15000bph water productione line

1000-15000bph juice production complete line

1000-15000bph carbonated drink production line

1000-15000bph wine bottling line

1000-9000cph canning line

1000-6000cph Oil filling line

5gallon bottle filling line

Stand alone machines also available

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oman water line


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