After Packaging Machine Helps Beverage Filling Manufacturers

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For the Millennial Generation, the packaging of various types of beverages is important. Younger people are more likely to choose a bottle of beverage depending on a novel packaging and new brand, even the bottle shape, This is challenging for beverage filling manufacturers. Instead of frequently changing the bottle label troubles, it is necessary to cater to Millennials' design of beverages' labels and logos. Even big carbonated beverage filling companies like Coca-Cola change their bottle style and design flow from time to time. General beverage manufacturers are more self-evident.

A whole and perfect high speed after packing machine line can improve the machine line efficiency and bring nice experience, changing style with the market demands, and to make the beverage bottle shape and labels be unification, the bottle labeling machine and sleeve shrink wrapping machine should be connect well.

Since the labeling machine and wrapping machine are the auxiliary machine for beverage filing manufacturer, some manufacturers will outsource the packing part to other factory for cost saving. but to make the bottle designs and labels look perfect.

The market for packaging machinery is less volatile than for other types of machinery because of its close association with mass consumption of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tissue, and all sorts of consumer goods. Growth in the packaging machinery industry tends to track growth in megatrends, such as general population growth, urbanization, and rising incomes.

Because no refrigeration is required in the supply chain, aseptic packaging reduces the energy usage and the costs associated with transporting and storing chilled foods and beverages. Plus, the packaging is light and easier to ship due to its square shape.

Products made with MATS are shelf stable and are typically good for one year. This means these products can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature, resulting in lower storage and transportation costs. Locatis says this is one of the main reasons why Amazon entered into a partnership with 915 Labs.

“Retailers like Amazon and Walmart, both of whom want to ramp up their food offerings for home delivery, are hamstrung by today’s food processing options,” he says. “Sending foods frozen or refrigerated is costly, both from a shipping standpoint and for packaging, which often weighs much more than the food. Ambient distribution is clearly the more sustainable solution, but until now, there has been no processing method available that can produce the kind of high quality and variety [of] foods that consumers want. MATS changes all that—it unlocks the future of food.”


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