Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Bottle Settling Machine Make Bottle One by One Bottle Settle up Machine

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Absorbing foreign advanced technology is the foundation of producing LP-14 type bottle unscramble machine. It is developed and researched according to the requirement of high speed direction and this machine is the leading equipment in domestic market.

Properties and advantage :

a) The main motor speed reducer applies torque limit mechanism to avoid harming the machine when trouble happens.

b) Twice push rowing bottle mechanism is used to ensure every bottle location has bottle which apparently prompts bottle output efficiency.

c) Bottle handling air conveyor prevents bottles from dropping down when in transportation.

d) Damaged bottles shall be rejected according to the reject mechanism.

e) This machine is equipped with blocking bottle detector. It will stop and alarm when bottle blocks.

f) No-bottle detector will send signal to elevator immediately when the bottle quantity is few and elevator shall supply bottles automatically.

g) Photoelectric switch is installed on the air conveyor to control the unscramble machine.

h) Bottle unscramble machine has oil mouths which make the gear, bearing and cam lubrication conveniently.

i) Main electrical appliance (Inverter, PLC, Photoelectric switch, Relay) is from MITSUBISHI,OMRON,SIMENS and so on

Air system uses TAIWAN AIRTAC.


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