Choosing The Best Labeling Equipment For Your Needs: Basic Things You Need To Know

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You've examined your labeling process, outlined areas in need of improvement, and made the decision to invest in better equipment.

But which type of automatic labeling machine will make your business achieve its objectives? The answer is determined by your key manufacturing concerns, container, and label type.

This post will look more closely at the options, which range from ‘Wraparound’ frameworks for round/cylindrical bottles to 'Front and Back' and 'Cross Dispense' labeling machines for rectangular or square bottles.

However, do contact a renowned manufacturer for a high-efficiency bottle labeling equipment.

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Labeling for cylindrical/round bottles

There are two options for applying self-adhesive tags to cylindrical or round containers: a precise and reliable Wraparound Belt System or a Three-Point Wrap Labelling Machine, which provides faster throughput speeds.

Three-Point Wrap for Accuracy

Is precise label placement important to you? If this is the case, you should consider using a Three-Point Wrap adhesive label.

This system places bottles on the conveyer belt, which turns them, then a set of three rollers applies the label.

Precision levels of +/-1mm can be achieved because each bottle is stationary and upheld during application.

Three-Point Wrap labeling will also assist you in avoiding spiraling – when the rear and front edges of a label fail to align.

Due to its 'start-stop' operation, it is restricted to a maximum speed of 30 – 50 bottles per minute.

Just like all labelers, the Three-Point Wrap labeling machine can be combined with capping and filling machines to form a complete liquid packaging line.

Wraparound Belt Machine for Speed

Do you want to increase efficiency or even production? Instead of capturing bottles for placement, a Wraparound Belt System applies self-adhesive tags to them as they drop down the conveyor.

This allows it to attain greater throughput rates of 80-100 bottles per minute.

A Wraparound labeling machine is a cost-effective, alternative to the Three-Point Wrap.

Implementing labels on square or rectangular bottles

This provides two systems; the Cross Dispense equipment for three-sided single labels and a Front and Back labeler.

The Front & Back System

Has two labeling heads; first head applies labels to the front of containers, while a second head applies labels to the back.

This machine is efficient and user-friendly, with a label placement precision of +/- 1mm.

Cross Dispense Equipment

A Cross Dispense process is generally recommended for single three-panel labels.

A single labeling head applies labels to the container's leading front face and wipes down its separate factions with a duo of spring-loaded flaps for a smooth finish.

Other options for bottle labeling machines include;

Flow-wrapped product labeling

This procedure is straightforward, labels are distributed and implemented from above as products move along a belt conveyor.

It can even be equipped with lockable castors so that your operators can move it in between production lines.

Flash labeler

Is simple to use and versatile, and it is frequently used in conjunction with an ink cartridge for expiration dates.

Tamper evident labeler

A Tamper Evident Labelling process applies labels to bottle caps or lids. A collection of rollers then cleans the tail of each label.

Whether you're using tax strips, lollipop labels, or watch straps, the ability to automate this process could save your team a significant amount of time and effort.

If you manufacture food or beverages, you may need to use tamper-evident labels on your bottles or jars.

 bottle labeling equipment

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