New Zealand Customer inspected the purchased complete water treatment system

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New Zealand is a developed country and a livable place. It has very high requirements on drinking water. In December the engineer customer from 111 PURCELL STREET  WEST FOXTON, New Zealand came to King Machine for the inspection of the purchased complete water treatment system. They were very satisfied with the quality. We are looking forward to more business cooperations in the future!

Talking about the King Machine market promoting road, King Machine took path in providing high quality filling machines and best service as we can firmly, always being an ideal leader of beverage blowing, filling, packing machines manufacturer. Since the beginning of 2006, King Machine started business from African and Middle East market promoting, we already had agency in African now. As of 2013, King Machine started the larger market expansion, we have entered Europe, Russia, South America and the United States markets successively.  with the product quality recognized by more and more oversea customers, King Machine has been a reliable filling machines suppliers to worldwide clients. Trust does not come easily, but easy to lose,  we will cherish this trust, and go as far as we can.


New Zealand customer with his water treatment system


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