Automatic Bottle Alcohol Gel Sanitizer Filling Machine Production Line

Automatic Bottle Alcohol Gel Sanitizer Filling Machine Production Line Automatic Bottle Alcohol Gel Sanitizer Filling Machine Production Line

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  • Model: K12L
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Complete line from A-to-Z to do Sanitizer

Full line from blow molding of bottles as mentioned above 100 ML all the way to 2000 ML with a filling line labeling line all the way to a packing line

Complete Sanitizer line

Sanitizer & Alcohol Gel.

Suitable :
Sanitizer, Alcohol Gel,detergent, shampoo, dishwasher, liquid soap, bleach, clorox, toilet cleaner .etc
Bottle Material : PE PP Bottle
Bottle Type : Round / Square / Unique
Cap : Screw cap
Label : Sticker Label

Sanitizer filling machine is a kind of Piston filling machine, it is an advanced filling equipment for hand washing liquid and washing products based on the characteristics of the hand washing liquid with thick and slightly corrosive characteristics.

Sanitizer filling line

Sanitizer filling machine

Alcohol Gel Production Line

Alcohol Gel filling machine

Sanitizer Production Line

Piston filling machine

1. High degree of automation, easy operation, stable operation, can effectively save corporate costs and improve production efficiency.
2. Each single machine can complete its work independently. It has independent operating system and electrical components such as numerical control display to control and adjust various parameters and display settings. Can help companies achieve standardized production
3. The individual machines are linked and separated quickly, and the adjustment is fast and simple, so that each process of production can be coordinated.
4. Each single machine can adapt to the packaging of various specifications of bottles, with few adjustment parts.
5. This packaging production line adopts international new process design and meets GMP standards.
6.The production line runs smoothly, each function is easy to combine, and the maintenance is convenient. Various production combinations can be performed according to the user's respective product process requirements.

Alcohol Gel filling machine.jpg



Products that can be processed

-Disinfectant Spray

*We supply complete solution for the Sanitizer production, including Bottle Inlet Machine /Automatic washing machine 12heads / Automatic filling and capping sealing machine / Core plate / Pump head vibration disk / Outer cover vibrating plate / Ultrasonic liquid level controller, plunger type barrel pump

Bottle Inlet Machine

Automatic Washing Machine

Automatic filling capping sealing machine

Nearly 15 years, King Machine has provided bottling & packing equipments  of liquid solutions to companies all over the world, water bottling line, juice filling line, carbonated soft drinks turnkey project, oil and soda water bottling line and labeling and packing machinery. All your different requiremts King Machine can always offer you the most professional solutions and turnkey project.

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1.Standardized workshop of total 20,000 square meters.
2.Verification Certificates of equipments: ISO9001:2001; CE Certificate, SGS Certificate, BV Certificate, standard organisation of nigeria , cnca certificate, Logo trademark registration, etc.
3.The equipments will be tested and run for 24 hours before leaving the factory, to ensure the smooth working of water pipeline, and pneumatic, electrical and mechnical stability.
4.Sufficient stock of spare parts ensures the timely delivery and supply of spare parts.
5.The engineers are experienced. We can produce different products with different capacity and work out reasonable flow chart as per customers’ requirements to save space.
6.Professional installation team who can speak fluent English can help customers make benefits in a shortest time.

We control the quality of our equipments by manufacturing and machining ourselves. Pay attention to each assembly detail, and our experienced technicians monitor each key point efficiently during assembly, to ensure that the performance and appearance of each product be pefect.3.jpg


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