Pressure Control In Wine Filling Machine

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Many consumer products such as wine use a high speed filling machines for the quick and immediate filling of containers or bottles based on a constant pressure and timing from the filling nozzle valve.


For this reason, each industry have a regulated standard for each filing each product so that there will be a consistency in product quality as well as the machine uptime and output. So, for machines such as the wine filling machine, one major problem in this product filling machine is the control of the flow rate of product from the beginning to the end of each production session.


Take for instance, for a wine filling machine that has about 25 parallel filling nozzles, it may take some seconds after the machine has been turned on for each of the filling nozzles to become active.


This is usually the case because it is the advancement of empty product containers that will trigger each nozzle to become active. In the same vein, the reverse is the case when the machine is shutting down after production, it will take some second for the last nozzle to be shut off from filling since it has the last container to fill and deliver.


During this time, where there are some ramps up and down, it is very likely to have the header flow rate of product vary dramatically.


The role of Variable Frequency Pump Drives

These are useful components that helps in the control of pressure under different conditions. However, one drawback with variable frequency pump drives is the fact that they require some seconds to change their speed.


Consequent to this set back, VFD drives are usually not able to take care of all the problems that may arise from the entire filling process.


Similarly, other problems may be encountered by the operator, especially when non-Newtonian fluids or viscous fluids are the products to be filled.


For this reason, it is always advisable to design the system in such a way that there is high flow rate of chemicals to be used when carrying out cleaning in place. Also, there should be a relatively low flow rates of the viscous products in the system.

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The role of high speed pressure control in a filling machine system

Where there is a challenging filling process as seen above, the best solution to handle such challenge is to ensure that  a high speed back pressure regulator is installed very close to the exit point of the nozzle manifold.


When considering this method, a core requirement is to install a line back that will be circulating towards the inlet end of the pump.


Although this may be complicated and difficult, the benefits is usually significant for a filing process that keeps having consistent fluctuation in the pressure level.


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