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For beverage filling machine industry, what we concerned about the packing and delivery are not aimed to sleeve shrink labeling machine and bottle packing machines King Machine produced when we mentioned the "package". today we will talk about the water treatment machine packing and delivery.

Since the beverage filling machines are bulk cargo delivery, and take long time from King Machine factory to customers country, we will test the machines and take photos for customers before delivery,  then we will ship the machines out when we get the confirmation of customers.

Although we did all things well and perfect  like above talked, there are still some concerns should be paid attention, how about the packing of water treatment machines going on in next step? the machine will go pass the sea and countries until handed into customers. the package is attached with the quality of the products and customers satisfication,  King Machine focus on improving customers pleasure continuely, so we will make the pacage as well as we can as you can see from below pictures.

For the naked new machines, we will twine the plastic film on the machines for several layers and make the machines be waterproof incase it is be rusting when it arrived customers, secondly we will put the machines into the wood box incase there is crash and damages.

We are the veteran in beverage filling machine manufacturing in past decades, the reason we go far away that we take responsible for all the customers no matter what you ordered from King Machine even it is a tiny spare part on machines. we will cherish the chance you gave us to serve you well. the machines you bought from King Machine are guaranteed, and our sales team and after-sales team will wait you there for more better service. pls contact us for more detailed info about different machines pakages and delivery ways, we will reply as soon as we can.



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