1500BPH Mineral Water Filling Machine for 5-10L 1500BPH Mineral Water Filling Machine for 5-10L

The machine adopts the principle is given liquid filling pressure filling. Main process is: cleaned the bottle into the bottle track wheel appropriated by the lift shaft parts, with the dial clockwise, the bottle filling valve from the bottom up and seal the bottle and realized the bottle sealed contact with the valve open Liquid cylinder of liquid in the downstream effects of its weight into the bottle, while the air inside the bottle of liquid in the shed, driven out from the center tube discharge valve, the liquid until the bottle vent pipe flooded the center, the irrigation Installed to stop, with the bottle down, filling valve closed, filling the bottle by the end of the bottle sealed track wheel output into the next process.

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  • Model: BCGF
  • Brand: KM
  • Product Description

The main purpose and characteristics
 The filling machine is suitable for 5L pure water, mineral water and other non-automatic liquid filling gas, its main features are:
 1 bottle red card is the bottleneck parts of method used, rotate 180 degrees, washing efficiency.
 2, the use of fixed surface of the filling means filling quality, filling speed quickly.
 3, the use of mechanical liquid level automatic control mechanism.
 4, filling valve, hydraulic cylinder and other parts of surface are in direct contact with high-quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, in line with industrial hygiene requirements.
 5, the use of electromagnetic speed control motor, strong production capacity to achieve any adjustments.
 6, compact structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance.


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