Oil-free Water Screw Compressor Oil-free Water Screw Compressor

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Oil-free water screw compressor

Install power:
1.Water cooling type, low temperature of discharged air    
2 2. Low noise(82db)
3.Reasonable arrangement of water cooler, easy maintenance    

Small occupying space

It uses PTFE piston ring oil free lubrication material.

Compress type
1. double-acting cylinder;
2. Balanced compress, low energy-consumption;
3. Minimal leakage, more efficient;
4.lower compress temperature;
5. longer life-span of parts
6.optimized adjustment

1. No need special foundation, can be put on the floor directly;
2. Easy maintenance, no need to dismantle cylinder when changing piston filler

Exhaust temperature
Front section uses screw host to compress, increase the air pressure to 0.8~1.0MPa directly; back section uses double-sectional piston to compress, the exhaust temperature of each section is lower than 120℃

Running noise
Front section uses screw host to compress and be connected with suction, without noise when suction.

Simple maintenance, low cost and short maintenance time


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