2018 King Machine Dubai Exhibition Scene

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King Machine attended the Beverage&Food industry Dubai exhibition as usual, as you can see from the below picture, our professional sales team had a wonderful talk with our customer,they look forward the customer will give us response after the exhibition.

We are the manufacturer of beverage filling machine, King Machine has much advantages in offering higher cost performance machines to world customer. we have faith in our machines quality and competitive price.

It seems the carbonated drink filling machine 3 in 1 is more attractive to customers, we will have new points in near future.


The pictures will update with time

After much endeavour poured into exhibition day 1, our sales team still were excited in receiving customers on exhibition day 2, customers became more and more, our sales teams were busier than day 1 in receiving customers and talking business, 3 in 1 soft drinks filling machine still got the clients' eyes since summer is coming for most Northern hemisphere countries.

Dubai-exhibition-day 2.jpg

With the Dubai exhibition ending, we are looking forward to have more inquiries get feedback that recieved in the exhibition scene, King Machine and our business partners are waiting you here.


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