Do you miss King Machine? Come to Canton Fair

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New patent pure water bottling machine is the Canton Fair focus as soon as the cusmmer coming.

King Machine is the frequent caller to Canton Fair, bringing much surprise to customers every time, In past 2017, King Machine got 23 patents for beverage filling machine appearance and design, we have confidence in different liquid bottling machine manufacturing. Except the 15 years original equipment manufacturer experience, the powerful trading ability is our reserve force. King Machine attended Canton Fair twice in every year, the Spring one and the Automn one, Machines quality is more and more excellent and our professional service ability is growing with days.

Canton Fair is a kind of market for business transaction, People from all around the world come and visit King Machine booth 1.1G06, althougth the booth locations are different with last time, our enthusiasm is still.

Exhibition name: 123rd Canton fair  

Exhibition Hall and booth NO: 1.1G06

Date: Apr 15-19th

Add: Pazhou exhibition center,NO.380,Yuejiang Road, Guangzhou  

canton fair

If you are an old customer of King Machine that want to have another business cooperation with us, You can visit the booth for factory tour, King Machine factory is near of Hongqiao Airport Shanghai, we can pick you up. If you are a new visitor of King Machine, which want to know more info about beverage filling industry and filling machine quality or price, then come to our booth for detailed conversation. 

Any way, Canton Fair is right here under your nose, creating new business on filling machine? or invest more in beverage filling ? come and visit King Machine Canton Fair both will be your right decision.


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