King Machine Attended the 15th Iftech Pakistan 2018 from 2nd to 4th August

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On the 2nd August 2018, we, as delegate, participated in the 15th International Exhibition of Food & Beverage Processing Packaging Technologies in Expo Center of Lahore City, Pakistan. The exhibition lasted for 3 days in which we developed partnerships with many visitors from around the world. A lot of Pakistanis showed their interest in our water filling machine, and we interpreted how our machine works and other relevant information. Our hot water filling production line is 3 in 1 processing line, i.e. integrating with washing, filling and seaming, which literally realizes full automation in the whole process. The products has 15,000 bph automatic washing filling capping machine, 24,000 b/h liquid washing filling capping machine, 12,000 bph mineral water filling capping machine, and etc. They are all suitable for polyester bottle and plastic bottle filling of mineral water and purified water. The bottle types are easy to adjust, conveniently and rapidly. Moreover, the water bottling machines adopt new mico-negative presure filling, stable and reliable. Interested? Now contact us!

Iftech Pakistan 2018

Iftech Pakistan 2018, held by Pegasus, is the first and the foremost trade exhibition on close-knit industries of food processing and packaging in Pakistan. Over the last 14 years, it has been the most preferred exhibition marketplace for brand owners, buyers, suppliers and industry professionals. The city Lahore is the hub city of food and beverage industry in Pakistan and center of all agricultural activities of the country. The exhibitors are mainly from the following industries: processing & packaging, bakery & confectionery, refrigeration & climate control, cold chain equipment, fluid & flow technology, juice & beverage, etc. This exhibition provides unparalleled opportunities to reach out to industry audience to discuss scientific solutions and technological advancements.

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