Water Line Project in Ethiopia-Care Water

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The ‘Care Water’ bottling plant is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital, a city of 3 million people.

Addis Ababa has an international airport, Bole International Airport, and the bottled water business is growing.


There are currently 106 bottled water companies in Ethiopia, most of them in the Oromia region near Addis Ababa.

Facing such fierce competition in the bottled water market, the two owners of Care Water went to King Machine in March 2019 for the acceptance of 12,000 bottles per hour bottled water production line.


After 7 days of communication and adjustment, the problems were dealt with. With frequent efforts of engineers, the inspection was finally completed, and the packaging and delivery were carried out.


In 2021, in order to produce bottled water smoothly in the case of COVID-19, King Machine dispatched Chen Zhida, a Chinese engineer, to debug mineral water filling and packaging line.


At present 12,000 bottles per hour pure water filling line is running well.

Please watch the running video below.

12000 bottles per hour pure water production line provided by the company is stable and reasonable in price.  If you are interested in the turnkey project of pure water production line, we welcome you to contact us for business negotiation.

King Machine provides turnkey plant, factory design, bottle design, energy consumption calculation for liquid packaging production line.

 Provide plant design, construction advice, etc.  This is also a very important step in the turnkey project of liquid packaging production line.


The bottle design is playing the important role in bottled water production line. Depending on how many grams of bottle preform are used for the bottle blowing machine, the preform weight is related to the whole production line cost directly.


It is a good choice to cooperate with a company with rich experience in the liquid packaging industry. King Machine is willing to discuss projects with you.


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