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Al-Mazunah Free Zone ( Arabic  : المنطقة الحرة بالمزيونة) is a free zone established in 1999 in Oman as a trade zone, Dhofar region in Walayat Al-Mazyounah. It is located in the south western of Oman in the border to Yemen. By the Royal Decree 103/2005 it was given all the characteristics of a Free Zone and its management assigned to the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates - Madayn, the main government arm responsible for developing and managing prime industrial lands in Oman. Many Exemptions and facilities are offered for businesses operating in the free zone. Almazunah Free Zone occupies area around 4.5 million square meters. In 2010 a long-term investment agreement has been entered between the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates and Golden Hala Company to develop and operate an area of 3 million square meters.
Mazyunah Brand Bottled Water company is located in MAZUNAH FREE ZONE, southern Oman. Al-Mazyunah is a settlement in the Dhofar Governorate of Oman, near the border with Yemen. There is an international border checkpoint at Al-Mazyunah.

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In 2018, at Gulfood exhibition in Dubai, we met Mr. Mohammed from Yemen. His main business is in Dubai, but his nationality is Yemen, so he really wanted to go back Yemen to do water filling business. However, considering the unstable political situation in Yemen, we think twice about setting up a water plant at the border between Yemen and Oman. The production at that time was 6000 bottles per hour. The negotiation process was very pleasant. After returning to China, we quickly received the deposit and put into production. Two months later, the equipment was delivered to Oman on time. 

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His product covers not only in Oman but also in eastern Yemen, and less than six months after producing 6,000 bph, he talked with King Machine to produce a higher capacity of 15,000 bottles per hour. Since King Machine had a very good understanding of the customer's site, and engineers were also sent to the site for debugging, the following production line negotiation was very smooth. King machine used the hot melt glue labeling machine to replace the sleeve label shrinking machine, more save the cost on the label, the label design blue tone, appearance is very striking, in pursuit of maximum profit of water, King Machine helped customers on the bottle type design to use a lot of stiffeners, to reduce the gram weight of the bottles, bottle neck size 30/25 is widely used in the market. 


On the bottle blowing machine selection we suggest to use a centralized heating way of bottle blowing, equidistant heating with traditional production of bottle blowing machine, compared the energy saving of 50%, and has a high pressure air recovery unit, reduced the investment and energy consumption, low pressure air compressor in filling machine,

Bottle Blowing machine
Traditional isometric bottle blowing machineModern energy-saving bottle blowing machine
Energy saving 50%
Traditional isometric bottle blowing machine.jpg
Modern energy-saving bottle blowing machine.jpg

King Machine adopted 32 head high speed filling valves, low vacuum filling system faster and the liquid level is more stable,  the cylinder transmission also runs smoothly. 

Filling machine
The gravity water filling machineHigh speed low vacuum filling
Speed increased by 30%, liquid level stable
The gravity water filling machine.jpg
High speed low vacuum filling.jpg

As for the labeling machine, OPP labeling machine Suitable for light weight bottle, as far as possible to consider the different needs of customers.

Labeling machine
PVC shrink sleeve labeling machineOPP labeling machine
Suitable for light weight bottle
PVC shrink sleeve labeling machine.jpg
OPP labeling machine.jpg

As for the film wrapping machine, using color film and white film two ways of packaging, as far as possible to consider the different needs of customers, now the production line is running at full speed, we sincerely hope Mazyunah water business better and better.

Wrapping machine
Traditional white filmColorful and white film
Traditional white film.jpg
Colorful and white film .jpg

We will use our rich experience to assist Mazyunah successful and continue our cooperation!

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