Project in Uzbekistan-Pepsi Cola

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Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is a city of 2,497,900 people (the largest city in Central Asia). The Pepsi Cola bottling plant was built near the airport.
Right after becoming an independent country, Uzbekistan food market became rich with various non-alcoholic beverages, including Coke, Pepsi, Merida and so on. Except for being coolers, these drinks are light energy drinks too. They were in high demand especially among young people.
In October 2011 Pepsi CO. opened its factory in Uzbekistan. Their product has been advertised intensively throughout the country right away: banners on houses, sunshades and fridges with logo.
In April 2019, Tony and Joyce from King Machine Company are visiting the Pepsi factory.
In July 2019, engineers tested a set of 45 tons of Automaic drinking water treatment plant in Pepsi Co.

In June 19, King Machine provided two sets of 60 tons per hour water treatment equipment for the Pepsi plant in Uzbekistan. If you are interested in Industrial RO Drinking Water Treatment System, please check out the video below.

The contract was signed in January 2021. Engineers went to Tashkent for installation and debugging in August. Water was produced in 20 days and debugging was completed in 32 days.

King Machine can provide Industrial Fully automatic water treatment plant of 1-120 tons per hour, effectively control the TDS value within 10, which is satisfied with most liquid packaging production lines and beverage filling and bottling plants.
The world health organization recommends the minimum TDS content is 100mg/L in drinking water.
If the local water source is above the above standard, an industrial water treatment unit is required to keep the TDS of the water source within the standard required by the beverage bottling plant.

King Machine Company is with rich experience in the field of liquid filling and packaging production line. Water treatment equipment is a part of the complete liquid packaging plant, reverse osmosis water treatment, ultrafiltration water treatment, EDI water treatment and other water treatment equipment for your reference and choice.
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If you need help and discussion on water quality problems, King Machine Company will provide you with customized solutions.


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