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The epidemic has disrupted all foreign customers’ visiting plans to China. Most of our projects discussed online. Only some customers who have friends in China, will send them to our company for equipments inspection or business negotiations. Our Philippine customer Dole is one of the companies that cannot visit China. In May 2021,king machine company received Dole’s inquiry through king machine company website. After the introduction of equipments by the sales manager Tony, and many video calls,the deposit was finally received in in king machine account in 2021.10, and the business cooperation between King machine  and Dole was officially started.

King Machine and Dole’s Philippines production base signed a 48 head 30000 cans /hour 250ml fine can filling machine in October 2021.

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Dole plc (previously named Dole Food Company, Standard Fruit Company) is the largest producer of fruit and vegetables in the world.Can juice products are the classic representative of Dole company, canned fruit is full of the world's large supermarket.

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Dole is an international company of juice production manufacture and owns a high reputation. They purchased a 48-heads aluminum can juice filling machine. The purchasing manager Mr.Valdezco believes that the main reason for choosing King Machine is that King Machine has the experiences in cooperating with many international enterprises  such as Syria's Mega Cola, Guinea's Sajiko, and Uzbekistan's Pepsi, and high precise design and high electrical components used on machine can guarantee the accuracy of filling level and sealing, and King Machine is an enterprise that integrates  research, manufacturing and after-sales service. Besides, the commissioning and after-sales service can be fully guaranteed in the future production.

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King Machine lived up to expectations and delivered it in just 3 months. Within two weeks after the equipment arrived at the factory, after online installation guidance, it has been officially put into production. Production manager Mr.Valdezco expressed that he was very satisfied with this cooperation and regarded King Machine as a long-term partner.


Joyce Xu, the sales director of King Machine, said that she is very honored to cooperate with such international renowned enterprise as Dole.  During the epidemic, we cherish the trust from our customers. We will work harder to achieve a win-win situation with our customers!

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