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Automatic date printer Automatic date printer

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  • Product Description

1. Function

1) Single nozzle can spray two lines of information.

2) Height of characters (1.8mm)  (2.5mm)  (3.2mm)  (3.9mm)  (5.8mm).

3) Many languages: Latin, Arabia, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

4) Production date, future date or best-before date, time, shifts and automatic counting 2 calculators.

5) Bar codes: 2/5 code 39 code.

6) Automatic start and off

7) Interface operation: 128×32 LCD screen menu key and LED indicator light.

8) Manual keyboard: 240×128 LCD screen WYSIWYG information display and drop down menu.

9) More than 99 pieces of information are in store.

10) Interface of Many languages: More than 20 languages are optional such as English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

2. Ink system

1) Self checker and conk out test.

2) Automatic ink-chroma control and ink-line speed control system.

3) Self-clean.

4) Nozzles are automatically gotten through.

5) Ink and addictive are sealed in the packed box. ( 0.42 liter or 0.8 liter).

3. Machine specification

1) Weight: 8.3 kilograms.

2) Temperature rang of working environment: 5℃ to 45℃.

3) Elevation of spraying heads and machine body: -1.5 meters/+2meters.

4) Humidity: 10% to 90% no frozen.

5) Voltage: 110V (+/-20%), 220 (+/-20%), can be changed automatically.

6) Power: 50VA, frequency ranges from 45 Hz to 65 Hz.

7) Safeguard grade:IP54


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