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Bottle Buffer conveyor Bottle Buffer conveyor

Buffer transport

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  • Model: KM
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Buffer conveyor

product description:
   The conveyor line is a bridge connecting the production equipment, which directly affects the operation efficiency of the production line. In the configuration of the conveyor line, it must be considered that the short-term shutdown of the rear-end equipment (for example, replacement of the label, etc.) does not affect the operation of the front-end equipment, and the equipment in the front and rear sections should be well connected to make the whole The production line achieves high operating efficiency. Our company's conveyor line is a new bottle conveying system. It can be used for the transportation of round bottles of beer and beverage. The mechanical structure of the system is completely new. Most of the components are stamped or bent and have good rigidity. Light weight and good interchangeability. The operation is reliable and the maintenance is convenient. The electric control system adopts PLC to control the operation of the whole solid bottle conveying and buffering system, and automatically realizes the functions of running speed acceleration and deceleration and automatic buffering.

technical parameter
1. Side panel: 304 stainless steel wire drawing plate, thickness 2.5mm.
2. Power: SEW.
3. Support legs: 304 stainless steel stamping structure.
4. Trunking and cover: 304 stainless steel, thickness = 1mm.
5. Lubricating fluid section sink: 304 stainless steel, thickness ≥ 1mm.
6. Chain plate: domestic high-quality plastic chain plate, polyoxymethylene (POM).
7. Bearing housing: 304 stainless steel housing.
8. PLC: Select Schneider, Panasonic, etc.
9. Inverter: Inverter such as Schneider or Panasonic.


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