Roller conveyor for 100L barrel Roller conveyor for 100L barrel

Roller conveyor for 100L barrel

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Roller conveyor for 100L barrel

1. Roller conveyor is suitable for the transportation of all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets, etc. Bulk materials, small items or irregular items must be placed on the pallet or in the tote.
2. The drum conveyor can transport a single piece of material with a large weight or withstand a large impact load.
3. Various structural forms, the drum conveyor can be divided into power drum line and unpowered drum line according to the driving mode, and can be divided into horizontal conveying roller line, inclined conveying roller line and turning conveying roller line according to the arrangement form. It can also be specially designed according to customer requirements to meet the various requirements of various customers.
4. It is easy to make transition between the roller lines, and multiple roller lines and other conveying equipment or special planes can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system to complete various process needs.
5. Stacking and conveying of materials can be realized by using the stacking drum.
6. Simple structure, high reliability, easy to use and maintain.


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