Medical N95 Face Mask Blank Surgical Mask Making Machine Medical N95 Face Mask Blank Surgical Mask Making Machine

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KING MACHINE - Packaging Machinery Supplier - CE SGS BV TUV ISO9001

Product Description
King Machine Non-woven Face Mask Making Machine.
*If there are special requirements for the customer's voltage and frequency, the project scheme equipment sha ll be re quoted according to the voltage and frequency requirements.
*If other packing forms are added, the technical data of relevant engineering data shall be provided, and the quotation of the supplementary modified part shall be determined separately by the technology.
*The project plan is based on the standard equipment configuration provided by the c ustomer project process, if
there are individual adjustments, or customer owned equipment, you need to communicate with us.

King Machine Face Mask ( cup type ) Making Machine.
The production line to achieve the N95 mask fully automated production, mainly including coil material, nasal string loading, ultrasonic
Wave pressure, earband material and welding, folding pressure, mask pre-cutting, finished material and other processes, complete from the raw materials to N95 mask finished production process. Our company's equipment can increase the machine vision automatic complement mask size, to ensure good rate. N95 mask with cup cavity, wear comfortable, no compression, mask filtration effect is good, suitable for a variety of face types, N95 mask on the aerodynamic diameter of the particles of more than 95, can effectively prevent airborne microbial infection. Can effectively protect the first-line health care workers, for the general user, the protection effect is far better than the ordinary flat-style mask.

King Machine Face Mask Making Machine Performance and Characteristics:
This machine produces non-woven face mask body automatically from raw material to finished mask body
1.Steel structure
2.High stability and output
3.Automatic tension control system
4.Adjustable ultrasonic unit

King Machine Face Mask Making Machine Performance and Characteristics:
5.Adjustable speed control system
6.Produce non woven face mask automatically from raw material to finished product.
7.Inserting nose wire,then forming,sealing and cutting finished mask blank.
8.The size of mask blank can adjust according to customers requirement. 9.With motor frequency adjustment panel and working button control.

Product Paramenters

Dimension625 0mm L x 3500mm W x 1980mm H
Driving methodServo motor and step motor
Electric control methodComputer PLC program control
Control panelHMI (Touch Screen) and Button
Energy consumption380V 50/60HZ
Air pressure0.5 0.6Mpa
Applicable processDouble, three layers medical and common masks
Product specificationStandard 175 x 95mm S pecia l 180 x 95mm 145 x 90mm 125 x 90mm
CapacityAbout 80 100 pc/ min
Qualification rateAbove 99%
WeightAbout 800 kg


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