Water Bottles Carton Packaging Machine Water Bottles Carton Packaging Machine

1. Equipment production capacity: The cartons enter the box with short sides and are loaded with 5 boxes at a time. The standard output is 25 boxes/minute. 2. Packing form: 24 bottles/carton. 3, applicable bottle diameter: 50-100mm (specific specifications according to customer requirements) 4, Packing layer: one layer 5, model size: length 3680x width 1680x height 2800 (mm) 6, equipment power: 5.5Kw 7. Power supply: 380V/ 50HZ three-phase five-wire 8, pressure: 0.6 ~ 0.8Mpa (oil-free water) Tracheal interface: ф12mm 9. Air consumption: 350NL/min 10, equipment weight: 2500Kg

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1, equipped with a safety protection device in line with national standards.
2, the use of side into the bottle way: a small footprint, simplify the transport system before the packing machine, reduce the investment cost of the entire line equipment.
3, the use of rocker structure: The structure is more advanced and reasonable, the action is more light and stable, power consumption is also small.
4, using four levels of decompression (into the bottle conveyor belt and the front conveyor belt speed difference of a decompression, pneumatic stop bottle decompression, conveyor belt end cylinder secondary decompression): product decompression, so that grasping bottle head Accurately aligning with the product, the success rate of catching bottles is 100%; after the products enter the packing process, they are in a state of no pressure and stable conveying, basically preventing bottle inversion phenomenon.
5. Adopting German IGUS linear positioning system: high positioning accuracy, accurate movement, effectively reducing the impact and vibration during equipment operation, greatly improving the stability and reliability of equipment operation, free of lubrication, maintenance-free, good sanitary conditions, long service life

Carton Packaging Machine

Carton Packaging Machine

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