Full Automatic Bottle Robot Palletizer Full Automatic Bottle Robot Palletizer

Palletizing products: film package/carton package Robot: Fanuc M410(full layer palletizing) Tray size: 1200x1100mm

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  • Brand: KM
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Full Automatic Bottle Robot Palletizer

This plan is only applicable to the palletizing of your production line with 20-25 packages/min. Our company reserves the right to adjust the plan due to equipment improvement.

Technical parameters:

Note: The palletizing speed is related to the size of the pallet and the grouping form of each layer.

Operation mode: HMI

Maximum load per layer: 250KG

Maximum load per pallet: 1600KG

Maximum stacking height: 1650mm (including tray height)

Pallet requirements: the best size 1200*1100*150mm;

Pallet storage: 2 stations, 10-12 pallets

Motor power supply/power: Three-phase five-wire, AC 380V/50HZ, 15KW

Control voltage: DC 24V

Air consumption: 500NL/MIN (air consumption: 4~6MPa) requires filtration, no water, no impurities; air pipe interface size Φ10

Equipment size: (L)8000MM×(W)4500MM×(H)3000MM

Equipment weight: 4500KG

Environmental conditions: best temperature 0-40℃

Optimum humidity 40-65% RH is the best




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