8,000-24,000b/p Rotary Type Automatic OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine 8,000-24,000b/p Rotary Type Automatic OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

labeling speed:8000-24000BPH for round bottles(adjustable according to bottles) Labeling precision:±1mm

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  • Brand: KM
  • Product Description

1.This labeling machine is rotary and continuous type. It can automatically adjust the driving of bottle inlet and outlet. The bottles driven by the conveyor are separated by the bottle separating screw according to the space of star wheel,then the star wheel transfers the bottles to the turntable.The bottles will be set by the bottle pressing structure and bottle mold base, then the bottles start to self-rotate and label.
2.When the bottles reach the position of electric eye detection,label sending system starts to send labels and then the high speed cutter will cut the label. It adopts Japan Yaskawa high speed servo motor which can ensure the accuracy and stability of label sending and cutting.
3.The cut labels will be sent to the gluing system which will glue two ends of label. This way of gluing can make min consumption of hot glue.  
4.The glued labels will be rotated to the labeling position. During label transition,the bottles are in a rotating condition, so the labels can be applied smoothly and tightly to the bottles.The glued ends of label can be overlapped well. Thus, the labeling process finished.


Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

This series of hot melt glue labeling machine can be used for round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles and other special-shaped bottles labeling. (Different products have different models)

Label alignment system

Standard German import label alignment system, to ensure that the label is always in the same position, improve labeling accuracy


Label station

label station forward and backward movement, up and down, tilt Angle, can be multi-dimensional adjustment. (The whole station adopts Krons structure, stable and reliable operation, convenient operation, no jitter phenomenon in high-speed operation, to ensure the accuracy of labeling)


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