Automatic Cold Glue Labeling Machine For Glass Bottle Automatic Cold Glue Labeling Machine For Glass Bottle

labeling speed:3000-20000BPH for round bottles(adjustable according to bottles)

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  • Brand: KM
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Automatic Wrap Around Type Labeler Hot Melt Glue OPP Paper Water Bottle Labeling Machine
2.1 Main structure:
A: Main machine(key part)
       It adopts Japan Keyence ultra speed motion control system
Japan Keyence 10" touch screen
Japan Yaskawa servo motor system
Germany SICK High speed and high resolution color sensor
        Japan NEMICON coder
        German piltz safety system
        German Lemer E + L corrector
2.2 Mechanical part:
Conveying structure:It uses conveyor chain driving force, this labeling machine has no conveying force frequency converter
Main shaft frame:Two single acting cylinders and columns are used to form a triangle stable state
Main shaft lifting structure:Use SEW motor
Driving structure: German SEW   3KW motor
                 frequency converter           
Whole machine gear driving system
                Bottles self-rotate synchronous wheel drive system
Bottle pressing system with cam guide
                Pressing head driving system
                Small machine up and down adjustment system

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Sticker Labeling Machine.jpg


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