Food and Beverage industry expectation and future forcast

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Constantly changing demographics and purchasing habits make it severe for beverage filling machine companies know and get consumer insights which turn out the growing trends.There are four trends show themselves clearly: 1)Millennials' impact on food and beverage priorities, 2) the importance of clean packaging, 3) the power of leveraging of fresh and clean attributes to position healthy products, and 4) the growing popularity of functional beverages:

1, Millennials' pay an important role in consumer market ,  they are expected spend more than $200 billion in 2017 alone,in order to understand the Millennials purchasing habits and influencing factors, beverage filling machine manufacturers should focus on.more than 50 percent of Millennials will buy the beverage and food from the companies which support the causes they care about.and they are twice aslikely to care whether the food is organic than other geeration.Milliennials are not only care about the product’s contents, but also the product’s packing and contents health. More than 70 percent people like to buy products in recyclable packaging. Over 50 percent look for beverage packaging with renewable materials.

2,Clean packing gains momentum

The study says 70% consumers agree on food and beverage with with healthy ingredient list.  With Millennials pursing the healthier packaging material , the liquid filling suppliers should follow the trends for better control the market trends.

3.The definition of health changes to new value: fresh+clean

More and more people focus on the beverage or food health, smart manufacturers of packing machine should align with consumers values and effectively communicate commitments behind their products, processing and packaging choices. 67 percent people say recyalable packaging is an important quality for healthy.especially the Milliennials.

4.Functional beverage

Consumers are increasingly looking to beverages to play new roles in their diets and health routines. Drinkable breakfasts and the "snackification" of beverages are fueled by consumer interest in nutrition and performance drinks that act as meal replacements and guilt-free snacks. 

These findings reveal important communication, innovation, and value-added opportunities for beverage manufacturers as they make key decisions in 2017. King Machine will take this as our principle for better future.



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