Project in Ghana-Emperor Beverage

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Project in Ghana-Emperor Beverage


2019.09 Customer Mr Moses the owner of Emperor beverage visited different suppliers in China finally choosed king machine as supplier.

2019.12 Mr Moses paid deposit and started cooperation with king machine .

2020.01 King machine finished all the designing and got confirmation of designing from Mr Moses


2020.02 King machine shipped all the construction materials and full details drawing.

2020.04 All the construction materials arrived Ghana and same time Moses organized workers start construction with high efficiency.



2020.06 construction finished and king machine started the shipment of machines


2020.09 Mr. Moses prepared raw water drilling processing from underground and electrical Materials etc and be ready to receive king machine’s equipments.


2020.10 The first shipment machinery (Sachet production line ) successful installed

Sachet production line



2020.11-12 Trucks and raw material be ready and meantime sent the sample water to FDA department .


2021.01 sales team selected key distributors and build the cooperation


So far, the sachet water business has been started and king machine start delivery the water bottling line and CSD drink production line. We appreciate for the full cooperation in past, and in the future king machine will do the best to build the win win business.


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