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Canaan is a group based in Africa, consisting of the branch company in South Sudan producing water and juice, company in Uganda producing CSD drinks and company in Angola producing water and juice.


They started to work with King Machine since 15 years ago. We supplied the reliable equipments and provide the excellent service. And these lines are running smoothly and all their brands are famous in their local market.We are just like old friends, they help build our reputation and we help them win the market.

Another 15,000bph juice line will be launched in six months this year in Angola. We will continue our friendly cooperation as always.

Company in South Sudan producing water and juice

Canaan Company, located in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, has 2 beverage filling production lines, namely:
One 10000bph (CGF24-24-8)water line for filling 500ml plastic bottles, put into production in 2015
One 8000bph (RCGF24-24-8) juice line for 500ml plastic bottle, put into production in 2014

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Company in Uganda producing CSD drinks

Canaan Company in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, has 1 carbonated drinks beverage production line
10,000BPH carbonated beverage production line with 40 heads for filling 350ml and 500ml plastic bottles, to start production in 2019



Company in Angola producing water and juice

Canaan, located in Luanda, the capital of Angola, has a beverage packaging line that can produce both pure water and juice
18-head 6000bph production line for filling 330ml plastic bottles, put into production in 2019


Another PET Bottle Fruit Juice Filling Production Line already running well in Angola.Capacity: 15,000 bottles per hour based on 330ml & 10,000 bottles per hour based on 1000ml & 6,000 bottles per hour based on 1500ml.

This is a filling line running video made by King machine company showing how to produce Fruit Juice drinks in PET bottle from A to Z.

We will use our rich experience to assist Canaan successful and continue our cooperation!

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