Beer canning line in Laos - Beer Savan

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Today, We will share a beer factory from Asian-Laos - Beer Savan(Saven Brewery Co.,LTD),it is a localized beer factory,located in Savannakhet Province, Saven Brewery Co.,LTD Provide Aluminum Can And Glass Bottle Beer Product.

In August 2022, King Machine Company and Saven Brewery Co.,LTD cooperated 18,000CPH 330ml (12000CPH 500ml) Aluminum Can Beer Filling Production Line.There are nearly 15 pages with more than 200 technical requirements in this cooperation.The Purchase manager Mrs.Lena believes that the main reason for choosing King Machine is that King Machine has the experiences in cooperating with some beer factory before, and can guarantee the accuracy of filling level and sealing which is most important in can filling line. Besides, the commissioning and after-sales service can be fully guaranteed in the future production though king machine's installtion group who service more than 100 countries all over the wrold.

In Feb 2023,Once China Open,the owner with 4 engineers come to factory to check and run the machines,the factory test run well and king machine meet all 200 point technical requirements well,get the approval from customer,especially the customer's main engineer who work for beer factory more than 20 years.
After 2 month,the engineer finish the installtion,and the beer line run smooth and customer is satisfied with this cooperation.

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