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Today let’s introduce one of our main customers in Guinea. Guinea is rich in water resources. It is the birthplace of three major rivers in West Africa and is known as the "West African Water Tower". Its population reaches 12.8 million in 2019. It’s a good market to do beverage business.


We started to work with them since 2018. They purchased one 8,000bph PET bottle juice production line in 2018. It’s launched successfully in early 2019 and. Then they purchased one 15,000cph aluminum can soft drinks production line in June 2019. Now these two lines are running well. We have become friendly business partners as well as good friends. Now let’s watch the running video of the juice line.


The aluminum can soft drink factory is also located in Conakry. They work 8 hours and produce 120,000 cans daily. Their drinks have several different flavors and are quite popular with the local market, supplying to the supermarkets, hotels, restaurants,etc. Conakry, as the capital, is the biggest city in Guinea, its total population around 2.2 million(2019), so their beverages will be sold to the surrounding cities and they even export to nearby countries like Sierra Leon.

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This is a working video made by King machine company showing how to produce carbonated drinks in aluminum cans from A to Z.
This is our customer factory from Conakry, the capital of Guinea
Brand: American beverages

For can filling machine ,King machine company provides models with different output, from 2000-3000 cans per hour, 5000-8000 cans per hour, 15000 cans per hour, 20000 cans per hour, to 36000 cans per hour and so on. According to the different output, filling method is also different.


If you are interested in CSD cans filling machines, you can click the link below to view Different types of filling valves.

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King Machine, as beverage packing machinery manufacturer, has supplied excellent equipments and perfect service for many customers worldwide, such as Uzbekistan Pepsi , India Coca Cola,  Kenya Aquamist, Tanzania Sayona & Jambo, Uganda Blue Wave, Venezuela Canaima, etc. We warmly welcome customers to visit our company!

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