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Today, we will share a wine factory from Uganda, Africa--- BEB WINE company, which is an old customer who has cooperated with our company happily for 7 years. The customer did not have mechanization at first, but used traditional wooden barrel fermented fruit wine. There is a very good recipe, but the wine is not filled in the bottle. At that time, the wine was sold in large wooden barrels, which were often knocked over and could not make any money.
On January 26, 2015, the customer searched for Chinese suppliers on Google, found ZHANGJIAGANG KING MACHINE COMPANY., and found our address, so he took plane to Wuxi companied by his technician, and contacted us after getting off the plane. Since then, the door to mechanized production has been opened. And our company has also witnessed the development of customers again and again。
This is their first visit photos .


After the conversation, we learned that the customer had never designed labels or bottles, so we asked the customer what elements he liked, the raw materials and formula of the wine.
We helped him designing personalized logos, labels and plastic bottle shapes of 200ml and 330ml.
The label includes fresh fruit from his recipe, this wine is the result of traditional brewing techniques and modern automated production facilities.


At that time, he bought DCGF18-18-6 carbonated wine filling line. After the delivery of the machine, our company arranged engineers to go to installing and debugging immediately. He was very happy and the product sold well.

carbonated wine filling line.jpg

After two years, BEB WINE company has became the largest brewery in the area, and other competitors have followed suit but failed to surpass it.

Uganda Customer.jpg

On 17-July-2018, the customer visited our company for the second time. Purchase the second plastic bottle filling line DCGF32-32-10, because he has too many customers like this wine, while the original production is not enough to sell, so  he has to increase the equipment with higher output. The design of bottle shape is also improved and the company LOGO BEB WINE is added:

wine bottle.jpg

Engineer went to install:

Engineer went to install.jpg

The second filling line brought the customer into a period of rapid development. During this period, we kept close contact and communication, and we worked with him to complete any machine problems or new ideas. We are his consultant, friend , and partner ,not just machines supplier.
In October 2020, purchased 18-18-6 glass bottle filling line and 40-head can filling line. After the brief recession of the epidemic, the customer's beverage consumption reached a climax. The customer felt that plastic bottles were relatively simple, so we suggested him to increase glass bottles and cans of wine. So helped the customer design cans 330ml fine cans, choose glass bottles and design the bottle label, and produce the best machine for him.

Uganda BEB WINE.jpg

Now the customer has developed into a large fruit wine production company, with many products and large output. Therefore, he apply our engineers to stay in his factory to debug and maintain and install new machines for two years. The customer and the engineer get along well and praised each other.

fruit wine production company.jpg

October 15, 2021, purchase blending systems to produce more wine. We customized deployment tank according to customer requirements, customers are quite satisfied:
In April 2022, the customer will purchase a new 32-head filling line, purchase LED display screen and advertise promotion in the market, and the goods will be delivered soon.

fruit wine blending systems.jpg

We are grateful that we can cooperate with BEB WINE this time. Their team is very careful and serious. The boss asked a lot of concerned technical questions during the cooperation negotiation, and we also answered them one by one. We from sales production suppliers to consultants to machine maintenance one-stop service, to achieve win-win development.

Because BEB WINE COMPANY boss Patrick is a very gentleman and kind person, familiar with the brewing formula and sales channels of fruit wine, and our company is good at machine production , so we have lasted so many years good relationship. very tacit cooperation.
BEB WINE Company is an excellent sample project, so we are willing to promote its successful experience to other customers. Welcome visiting and contacting.

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